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Sep 10

Digital Musings

I have been quiet of late, having had loads of change in my life including a break to enjoy my now 10 month old.  I have also shifted countries, had a 2 month holiday in New Zealand, and survived 6 months with 2 kids and just suitcases as we have found a new house and …

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Apr 30

Get your Social Media SWAG on


SWAG, a word to me that conjures the image of a hippy female walking down the road.  But actually it has grown to mean a lot more that just that. According to the Urban Dictionary, SWAG is about the entire package, and how you propel that image. I mean Simon Cowell is using the word, Soulja Boy …

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Feb 29

How much do you want Google to know?

This is the last day folks, Google’s new security policy kicks off tomorrow 1st March.  Basically this allows Google to gather, store, and use all your juicy information.  And that means all data already collected about you, already stored about you, will be used for your online identity.  If like me, this just feels a …

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Feb 29

Profile Fatigue

‘Profile fatigue’ – love this term, and in fact when I read about it, there was this part of me that sighed and said ‘I hear ya’. No, I didn’t coin this phrase and I’m not sure of its originality but I first read about it on this blog.  Yep, I was intrigued.  As a …

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Feb 27

Responding to negative feedback

Social media has provided a fantastic opportunity for brands, companies and organisations to gain massive insight into the conversations people are having about you.  But, firstly you have to be listening.  There are a variety of free ways you can sift through the mammoth amounts of conversations happening daily, and as my one main tip …

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Feb 18

Personalising your LinkedIn profile url


A really easy tip on LinkedIn is to customise your public profile url.   This is the part I am talking about below. Now I have personalised mine already, this will help with people searching for me by name (a great SEO tip) and it will come up in search results.  If you don’t have …

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Feb 14

What’s this all about then?


Well, it’s official but it has taken a long time coming. I set a blog up last year when working for JGP Resourcing and basically got bitten by the bug, not that I haven’t contemplated this for hmmmm, about 2 years now.  There is so much out there, there is so much to filter, and …

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Feb 11

New Directions

As with all things, it starts small and grows.  As to will this website, just give me a bit of time and I will start to plant the seeds. In the meantime, it’s pretty cold out, so stay warm.   P.S. Yes, I’m a Glee fan.