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Apr 30

Get your Social Media SWAG on


SWAG, a word to me that conjures the image of a hippy female walking down the road.  But actually it has grown to mean a lot more that just that. According to the Urban Dictionary, SWAG is about the entire package, and how you propel that image. I mean Simon Cowell is using the word, Soulja Boy …

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Apr 16

Swiss Recruiters get their own #TruGeneva

Now I have never been to a Tru event, so I am writing this from my perspective as someone who will be very new to this event.  Much like the majority of Swiss Recruiters that will be attending I would imagine.  My other point is that I am not a recruiter.  I have worked for …

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Feb 20

Recruiters drop the clichés please

I have just read an article from Firefish about the cliches that recruiters use when posting job ads, LinkedIn status updates (that are job ads), maybe on their Facebook page, possibly even a tweet. They usually go something along the lines of this… My ‘client’ is looking for a (insert job title), a ‘great opportunity’ …

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Feb 18

The Social Recruiting mis-match?

I have been doing a bit of research and trying to get some decent figures on social recruiting.  I did found a Jobvite survey (33 essential social recruiting stats 2011) that was released at the end of last year, that although it is US based, has some very interesting stats. Two slides really stood out …

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Feb 15

Pot, Kettle, Black….?


It’s caused a bit of a furore, and I don’t blame him. It would seem that in  the eyes of some employers being employed means being eternally bound to a company and not seeking to further your career? As John Flexman found out via his LinkedIn profile, if you advertise that you are interested in …

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