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Apr 30

Get your Social Media SWAG on


SWAG, a word to me that conjures the image of a hippy female walking down the road.  But actually it has grown to mean a lot more that just that. According to the Urban Dictionary, SWAG is about the entire package, and how you propel that image. I mean Simon Cowell is using the word, Soulja Boy …

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Apr 16

Swiss Recruiters get their own #TruGeneva

Now I have never been to a Tru event, so I am writing this from my perspective as someone who will be very new to this event.  Much like the majority of Swiss Recruiters that will be attending I would imagine.  My other point is that I am not a recruiter.  I have worked for …

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Mar 15

Social Media and ROI – not a dirty word

Two big terms and two big words bundled together alongside ‘KPI’s’ and ‘results’. I have read posts that say you can’t measure social media, or it’s too hard to measure ROI. I don’t believe this is true, there are metrics, and it’s a matter of finding the right metrics that can explain what the specific …

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Mar 14

Google plus your business

I found this infographic via Chris Brogan’s blog and made via Bluegrass, and I have to admit, I love a good infographic.  It’s clear, concise and states good statistics, you can save yourself reading through a 40 page report to find the few hidden gems you actually want or need. So if you have a business, …

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Mar 06

5 Facebook Engagement Basics

Sometimes you need to take a big step back and ask yourself ‘Why am I posting this’.  Have I bitten off more than I can chew and how does this post benefit my readers? Time and time again I see organisations that have rushed in, started a Facebook page with no real understanding of what …

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Mar 01

The expansion of customer service

a customer 'touch'

Stop with that naughty social media! Quick, ban it! That’ll stop them… Yes, this long cringed at activity is still happening.  A lot less than it was, but with the cautious being over cautious they are in fact just putting a lid on a boiling pot. It’s happening people, but now you just can see …

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Feb 29

How much do you want Google to know?

This is the last day folks, Google’s new security policy kicks off tomorrow 1st March.  Basically this allows Google to gather, store, and use all your juicy information.  And that means all data already collected about you, already stored about you, will be used for your online identity.  If like me, this just feels a …

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Feb 29

LinkedIn Follow Button

Do you have a corporate website? Do you have regular information, status, blogs, content, and jobs that you want to distribute? Do you already have a company LinkedIn Business page? Then make sure you get the ‘Follow’ button onto your website. If you don’t have a company page, and have somewhat of a blank stare …

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Feb 28

Les Menuires 7 take on employee rights


This wasn’t an intentional fight for employee rights, but the story involves 7 wronged Robin Hoods, and an evil King, and how a community rose via social media to support them. What a PR nightmare when you think you can boot some chalet staff out, without pay, and without flights. Ye-ouch! And the story goes …

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Feb 27

Responding to negative feedback

Social media has provided a fantastic opportunity for brands, companies and organisations to gain massive insight into the conversations people are having about you.  But, firstly you have to be listening.  There are a variety of free ways you can sift through the mammoth amounts of conversations happening daily, and as my one main tip …

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