Mar 05

Why Content Marketing rules the roost

In 2011 Google released their very controversial Panda update, otherwise known as Farmer.  But what this changed in the importance factor of websites worldwide was that original content, new and engaging content was now more important than ever.

Basically Google wanted to wipe the slate clean of some of the content farms that were out there, word for word copies, no original content and the dreaded word of ‘plagerism’. So to improve the search results for all, they introduced us to Panda.

What this update did overnight is basically kill the copycat game that some websites happily played. But it also meant a far greater emphasis is put on good quality original content, like blogs, like news, like papers and articles.  For the Google searcher it was brilliant, it performed like a vacuum cleaner on the web, getting rid of the fluff and leaving the good furniture behind.

For small businesses this has meant a leap in demand for content, and not farmed content, but original, ‘this is my view’, ‘this is where we see things moving’, ‘this is why we designed this’ type of content.

I have spoken to friends about the pressure some are finding themselves in to produce this content. I need to reiterate quality over quantity.  Yes, there are some keyword tools you can use to ensure you are writing good searchable content that is aligned to your marketing and content strategy, but the pressure should not come from the quantity of articles you produce.  If you create good content, it will then be shared via twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which in turn spreads your reach further and further. So concentrate on the good stuff rather than the pressure to produce.

Yes I believe having a structured plan in place can help you to define your topics, your interests, and your market. But don’t forget the opportunities that come from ‘real-time’ updates, articles that are current, that are hot topics and in the news now, today.  Any content marketer knows that the ability to do a fast update to your website, a quick relevant and timely post, can make a company incredible newsworthy.

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