Oct 16

Is Content Marketing the new linchpin?

Econsultancy recently released their first Content Marketing Survey report, of which they have produced in association with Outbrain.  1,300 Digital marketing professionals were surveyed (professionals working for brands, publishers and agencies conducted in July and August 2012) and finds that 64 percent of them agree that content marketing is emerging as a discipline of its own.  The main agreement is that content marketing as a discipline is becoming ever more important in digital marketing strategies.

That’s not new, I wrote about why I thought content marketing ruled the roost back in March.

But there were some really interesting titbits that came out of the report, here are some highlights from the Econsultancy blog;

  • Ninety percent of respondents believe that content marketing will become more important over the next 12 months.
  • Nearly 3/4 (73 percent) of digital marketers agree that ‘brands are becoming publishers’.
  • Sixty-four percent of in-house marketers agree that content marketing ‘Is becoming its own discipline’.
  • Thirty-five percent of in-house respondents and 58 percent of agency respondents are saying that they (or their clients) are working on a content marketing strategy.

However even more interesting was that when asked if their companies or clients have a defined content marketing strategy, the majority said no (see chart below)

29 percent not even planning on a content marketing strategy for their clients over the next 12 months? But why?!?!?! They have just admitted the perceived importance?

Content Marketing Objectives

Differences were reported between B2B and B2C marketers.  In-house B2C marketers listed that increased engagement (52%), Increasing traffic (49%), and raising brand awareness (38%) as their top 3 Content Marketing Objectives. For B2B marketers it was increased engagement (58%), generating leads (44%) and increasing traffic (34%) as their top 3 Content Marketing Objectives.  Not that new really, and it’s about their business objectives.

I think these objectives are spot on, and part of the increased engagement and awareness is all about education your prospects about your offering, adding in your unique value proposition, gaining trust and developing respect (or thought leadership as it is sometimes called) in your chosen area of expertise.


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