Sep 10

Digital Musings

I have been quiet of late, having had loads of change in my life including a break to enjoy my now 10 month old.  I have also shifted countries, had a 2 month holiday in New Zealand, and survived 6 months with 2 kids and just suitcases as we have found a new house and our belongings were in storage.  But with that all out of the way (just), I am now embarking on some study to solidify all the Digital Marketing work I have been doing and also the latest in what is happening out there.  Google in conjunction with the Home Learning College have designed a Digital Marketing Course that sounds super exciting, with everything being online through G+ and Google Hangouts, it’s gonna be an interesting few months.  It’s new, very new in fact but as you know (if you are reading this) I am not new to the world of Digital, but I’m up for a challenge.

The first part of the challenge is for me to write a blog. Nothing new, I write content all the time, content blogs for clients is quite different however to a personal reflection blog about my experiences on the course and what I want out of it.  So as I make a return to the world of digital, I will be contributing back into this website again.

However, if you want to know my personal digital musings, you can find them here…

Digital Musings