Mar 06

5 Facebook Engagement Basics

Sometimes you need to take a big step back and ask yourself ‘Why am I posting this’.  Have I bitten off more than I can chew and how does this post benefit my readers? Time and time again I see organisations that have rushed in, started a Facebook page with no real understanding of what the purpose really is.

Have you had any conversation on your Facebook page in the last week? Month? 3 months? Remembering that a conversation is two ways.

Think about what you are posting.  Is it too long?  Is it ‘easily digestible’ – can someone glance, read and understand it? And the most important one, does it provide any value to your audience?  Any of these will not only result in low engagement but in some cases no engagement.

What is the bigger picture here? Are you using it to drive traffic to your main website? Is it a communication tool to engage more with consumers? Is it used for lead gathering? Is it to push out your specials, deals and real-time activities? Is it for relevant news distribution about your products, services?

Here are my 5 Facebook Engagement Basics

1. Know your audience

You have a pool of people who have ‘liked’ your brand or organisation, are you making the most of them? Do you even know what they want from you?  It is very simple to add in a poll to your Facebook page and ask them what information they want from you. There are some quick and simple ways to find out a little bit more about your audience just from the statistics within Facebook. My advice – use them.






2. Is your post Relevant?

You now know a bit about your audience, so is this what they want to hear from you? Are they excited about it? Are they interacting? Sharing? Engaging? If you need to generate comments, ask for them.  Keywords like ‘like’, ‘check’, ‘tell us’ are some of the best performing keywords for generating interaction. Invite discussion…

3. Keep It Simple – you know the rest

Short and to the point, This isn’t an essay, and if I have to click on …more because I still haven’t understood what the point is, it’s probably too late.  Posts with 80 words or less receive a 66% higher engagement on Facebook.

4. Know the best time to Post?

Brands need to post at optimum times to maximise their engagement. When are your users online? What time of the day or week should I post?  There are some simple yet very helpful tools that can help you with this including Bufferapp.com  Remember, sometimes less is more.

5. Happy News

Who wants to read depressing news in their Facebook news feed? I for one have enough of that reading the paper and watching the television, I want to know the good stuff, the uplifting stuff, that positive message that makes me want to click and find out more. These are the reasons I ‘liked’ your page in the first place, so if it’s continually depressing news posts and updates, be prepared to be unliked.

Time to have a closer look at what your company or brand is posting, and for some a bit of a rethink.

Inspiration from Wallblog

Image from Sample Stuff