Feb 27

Content Marketing Boom

I have had a lot of conversations of late around ‘Content Marketing’, what continually strikes me is that people are calling this the new marketing.  Lets get one thing straight, it isn’t new, it’s been around for ages and it is just that finally people have woken up to its benefits.  I think the 80′s and 90′s were all about the hard sell, corporate push, he who yells the loudest and all of that.  But as it may have worked for some it didn’t work for all. Content marketing is about subtlety, just quietly going about your business, but being found, read, explored, understood, and appreciated.  Of course as it all grows it gets a lot bigger, but the key here is that it is not new.

I found a great infographic I want to share, but more because a couple of the earliest examples of ‘content marketing’ even I learn about in Marketing 101 at University.  They are the good ol’ Michelin Guide and the ‘Jello-o Recipe book’.  Both classic examples of content marketing, both designed specifically for the consumer to help the consumer with problems and provide solutions they may need and both took off like wildfire. None of this ‘We’re awesome, this is why’ type content, I mean the recipe book for example, you want people to buy and use your ingredients, giveaway a free recipe book.

 History of Content Marketing Infographic

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