Apr 16

Swiss Recruiters get their own #TruGeneva

Now I have never been to a Tru event, so I am writing this from my perspective as someone who will be very new to this event.  Much like the majority of Swiss Recruiters that will be attending I would imagine.  My other point is that I am not a recruiter.  I have worked for an online job board in a marketing and social media capacity and as such I had to keep up with what was happening in the world of recruitment, but I never felt these events were really aimed at me or what I do, so I knew about them, I just didn’t attend them.

So TruGeneva is on Friday 4th May, and these are not new events to Recruiting circles, just new to Switzerland as the first official Tru event to be run in this country.  There have now been over 25 Tru events worldwide, and I am glad to say that the style is NOT that of a conference.  Now this approach sounds strange, it does to me.  However then I realised the reason I don’t attend a lot of conferences is that it is a series of slots where one person is standing at the front talking at you.  IF they don’t talk too long (which seems rarely the case), you may get 5 minutes of selective questioning at the end, other than that if you disagree/agree/have an opinion you just write it down on your conference notepad, with a little star beside to follow up, or check that website or email that person at a later date. If it’s boring, you can’t leave, you are stuck, trapped, in row 10 seat 23 beside a man on a laptop and 3 women with their handbags spread in front of them like a walking death trap.  You can’t move, so you just have to sit it out, and find yourself wondering what conditioner the woman 2 rows ahead uses as her hair is extremely glossy in this light.  Been there?  I have.

So I have asked a lot of questions to Etienne Besson, whom is organising the TruGeneva event, on exactly what is the Tru event concept. I first met Etienne at the ‘after drinks function’ of one of the TruLondon events in February 2010 (Yes, I attended the networking drinks post work, but not the event, so slap my wrists), prior to my shifting to Geneva.

Since then I have attended several ‘meet ups’ or what Etienne calls #HRTug, where a group of us meet up at a local establishment and have some great discussions on recruitment, online job boards, Linkedin, Facebook advertising, how to attract for hard to fill vacancies and the like. I have come away from these revived, enthused and with a greater breadth of knowledge on areas I was a bit hazy at before on how in house recruiters actually ‘used this stuff’, or what aspects of social media they were, are were not comfortable using.  These are very off the cuff, can be what’s happening in the news, something someone has seen, read, or just a question that sparked a grand discussion.  But its a conversation among friends and colleagues, where everyone’s opinion is valued, it could be different, but it is valued. And these discussions are all based around Tracks, that you can chooses to attend, and even, pop in and out of these tracks without fear of a faceplant over a badly placed handbag because you are seated in a circle (love the concept). In fact, I have been told, popping into and out of tracks is encouraged so that you can ensure you get what you need too out of the day and from each of the tracks.

This I think, from my conversations as a current non-attendee, seem to be the essence of a Tru event.  You can read more about the ‘Unconference style‘ on Bill Boormans blog, and I think it’s important to understand this before you attend, because there won’t be any powerpoints or people speaking ‘at you’.  And in order for you to get the most out of the day, you need to participate, talk, communicate, agree, disagree, or if you want to happily stand on the fence, then that is fine too.  A bit like a social media network really, just that instead of an avatar (that could be ridiculously inaccurate), it’s you.

So as a marketer involved in social media and recruitment and having lived and breathed it in my last job for over 4 years, I am attending my first event at TruGeneva and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve had opinions at HRTug meet ups where I have informed recruiters that recruitment shouldn’t just be about the HR department, and that involving the organisation more fully, and the marketing team, there is a wealth of knowledge out there that they could assist you with.  I guess that’s why people start blogging so that they can get their view out there, but healthy debates are good, they encourage change and growth, find a better, easier or simpler way of doing things and I think this will be a benefit of an event such as this.

Maybe I will meet you there?

To register for the TruGeneva event, please go to the TruGeneva EventBrite page and secure your ticket before they all run out.  The location is super easy to get to as it is about 3 minutes walk from the main Geneva Cornavin Train Station, so you can’t miss it.

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