Feb 18

Personalising your LinkedIn profile url

A really easy tip on LinkedIn is to customise your public profile url.   This is the part I am talking about below.

Now I have personalised mine already, this will help with people searching for me by name (a great SEO tip) and it will come up in search results.  If you don’t have a personalised url it usually has a whole lot os numbers after your name a bit like this.

So here is a quick an easy tip to clean up that url, and it makes it a lot tidier when putting onto your CV, resume, or anywhere you want to do a bit of self promotion.

1. Under PROFILE at the top, you want to EDIT PROFILE

2. Beside your current public profile there is a link that says EDIT

NOTE: This brings up a box that asks you if you want to make your public profile visible, show up in search results and the link. Now if you are an active jobseeker, you really should consider this, if you are open to opportunities, into networking, new ventures, expertise requests or consulting offers, you kind of want to be found. You can choose what you want to include in here…

Underneath this box is another box called the public profile box


4. Now you can customise the last part of your LinkedIn url


Its important to note that your custom url must be between 5 – 30 characters with no spaces, symbols or special characters. So if you have a particularly long, or short name, you may want to think of alternatives.

Voila, you should now have not only a decent public profile, searchable via search engines, but also a personalised url. I hope this helps.


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