Feb 29

Profile Fatigue

‘Profile fatigue’ – love this term, and in fact when I read about it, there was this part of me that sighed and said ‘I hear ya’. No, I didn’t coin this phrase and I’m not sure of its originality but I first read about it on this blog.  Yep, I was intrigued.  As a self confessed early adopter of all things digital and social, how many profiles do I have out there?  No doubt there are many gathering dust and a bit like my post on Spring Cleaning your Social Media Accounts, maybe my online profiles needed a bit of a cleanse too.  No doubt some were so old that they are from the dinosaur era of online, as I still receive the odd highly irrelevant, job suggestion from a recruiter possibly from their database that they haven’t updated in 10 years.

So time for a search, now have you ever googled yourself? Come on, hands up, it actually brings out all sorts of interesting snippets. And they say people are actually googling their dates before going out with them…. Brilliant, I just wish there was a google in my dating days it could have saved me some disasters.

In my googling, I got 139,000 results in 0.25 seconds. Wow! Pretty impressed that all on the first page are me.  LinkedIn yep, Twitter yep, Skillspages – old profile, haven’t updated that one and I really don’t see the point (reminder to delete). Facebook yep, BraveNewTalent – hmm, haven’t used it really (reminder to check it out again), Quora kinda updated yep, Identified – deleted already, Google + – interesting that it’s at the bottom of page 1 on Google?

Google screenshot Haylee Corfield

Page 2 – There is another Haylee Corfield in there playing Rummikub (definitely NOT me), but the rest are Klout, Pinterest, Hootsuite, a very old ‘TagsWalk’, and a blog post from Mervyn Dinnen about my culinary skills.  But I am getting bored of writing new profiles and remembering new passwords. I like the fact that both with Facebook and LinkedIn you can login to sites, as I am at the point of seeing the ‘complete your profile’, and clicking out of the website these days. Particularly if this then bars you from doing anything else within the website.

As with these applications though I am now a regular social media cleaner, and if the application or website doesn’t live up to my expectations, I cancel their access.  My advice, make it easy, have a quick and simple way to complete a profile (if it is really necessary), or people will quickly start turning off, as some already are.

And one not so secret tip for jobseekers: Google yourself, because your potential employers already are.