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Feb 18

Personalising your LinkedIn profile url


A really easy tip on LinkedIn is to customise your public profile url.   This is the part I am talking about below. Now I have personalised mine already, this will help with people searching for me by name (a great SEO tip) and it will come up in search results.  If you don’t have …

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Feb 17

I’m not asking if you are on LinkedIn, I’m asking is your ‘company’ on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been around for a while now, in fact it’s 9th birthday is fast approaching (5th May if you are thinking about sending them a card). Yep they first went live nearly 9 years ago, but I’m not going to give you the history of LinkedIn, you can do that on your own watch …

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Feb 16

When complete isn’t complete enough

linkedinIn profile completeness Haylee

I recently started reading about how LinkedIn have amended their ‘Profile Completeness‘ algorithm to put more emphasis on certain areas of your profile that are within your control.  This is a good move, as many people were stuck through circumstances beyond their control to getting a full profile, more commonly getting a recommendation. So great, …

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