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Mar 08

Kony 2012 – marketing genius or marketing ploy?

Last night I watched a movie that had appeared several times in my Facebook timeline, with several I mean it probably jumped up about 10 times.  I’m going to be honest and say that it is rare for me to click through and follow many of the videos that are posted on my timeline, but …

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Mar 05

Why Content Marketing rules the roost

In 2011 Google released their very controversial Panda update, otherwise known as Farmer.  But what this changed in the importance factor of websites worldwide was that original content, new and engaging content was now more important than ever. Basically Google wanted to wipe the slate clean of some of the content farms that were out …

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Feb 27

Content Marketing Boom

Content Marketing Consultancy

I have had a lot of conversations of late around ‘Content Marketing’, what continually strikes me is that people are calling this the new marketing.  Lets get one thing straight, it isn’t new, it’s been around for ages and it is just that finally people have woken up to its benefits.  I think the 80′s …

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Feb 17

It’s all about commitment!


‘I do.’ Many companies dibble and dabble in social media. They do it ‘because they have to’, or because ‘they have to be seen to be doing something’ or ‘this social media thang my boss just told me to do it’. Amazing how many times that last one may crop up as the honest answer. …

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Feb 16

The (not so) new Marketing


Traditional marketing has evolved, and not really at the super fast pace we like to think everything moves in.  In fact the evolutionary path was always there, its merely the tools that have changed. What words stick out to me are ‘long-established’, ‘inherited’, ‘handing down’ and ‘customary’.  But social media, social networking we keep hearing …

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