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Mar 14

Google plus your business

I found this infographic via Chris Brogan’s blog and made via Bluegrass, and I have to admit, I love a good infographic.  It’s clear, concise and states good statistics, you can save yourself reading through a 40 page report to find the few hidden gems you actually want or need. So if you have a business, …

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Feb 17

It’s all about commitment!


‘I do.’ Many companies dibble and dabble in social media. They do it ‘because they have to’, or because ‘they have to be seen to be doing something’ or ‘this social media thang my boss just told me to do it’. Amazing how many times that last one may crop up as the honest answer. …

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Feb 14

What’s this all about then?


Well, it’s official but it has taken a long time coming. I set a blog up last year when working for JGP Resourcing and basically got bitten by the bug, not that I haven’t contemplated this for hmmmm, about 2 years now.  There is so much out there, there is so much to filter, and …

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