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Apr 30

Get your Social Media SWAG on


SWAG, a word to me that conjures the image of a hippy female walking down the road.  But actually it has grown to mean a lot more that just that. According to the Urban Dictionary, SWAG is about the entire package, and how you propel that image. I mean Simon Cowell is using the word, Soulja Boy …

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Mar 15

Social Media and ROI – not a dirty word

Two big terms and two big words bundled together alongside ‘KPI’s’ and ‘results’. I have read posts that say you can’t measure social media, or it’s too hard to measure ROI. I don’t believe this is true, there are metrics, and it’s a matter of finding the right metrics that can explain what the specific …

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Mar 14

Google plus your business

I found this infographic via Chris Brogan’s blog and made via Bluegrass, and I have to admit, I love a good infographic.  It’s clear, concise and states good statistics, you can save yourself reading through a 40 page report to find the few hidden gems you actually want or need. So if you have a business, …

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Mar 08

Kony 2012 – marketing genius or marketing ploy?

Last night I watched a movie that had appeared several times in my Facebook timeline, with several I mean it probably jumped up about 10 times.  I’m going to be honest and say that it is rare for me to click through and follow many of the videos that are posted on my timeline, but …

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Mar 01

Three Little Pigs – Guardian advertisement for ‘Open Journalism’

Guardian released a new advertisement on Wednesday 29th February, which I have to say I thought was brilliant. Based on the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, it takes you through how the Guardian would cover such a story both in their print, and also online.  But it follows the story as it morphs through …

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Mar 01

The expansion of customer service

a customer 'touch'

Stop with that naughty social media! Quick, ban it! That’ll stop them… Yes, this long cringed at activity is still happening.  A lot less than it was, but with the cautious being over cautious they are in fact just putting a lid on a boiling pot. It’s happening people, but now you just can see …

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Feb 28

Les Menuires 7 take on employee rights


This wasn’t an intentional fight for employee rights, but the story involves 7 wronged Robin Hoods, and an evil King, and how a community rose via social media to support them. What a PR nightmare when you think you can boot some chalet staff out, without pay, and without flights. Ye-ouch! And the story goes …

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Feb 22

Spring clean your social media accounts


So, how long have you been on Facebook now? 3, 4, maybe 6 years? And how many times have you clicked yes to allowing (insert name of website or app) to access you facebook? What about twitter, you can login to so many places via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook now, which makes things a bit …

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Feb 18

Personalising your LinkedIn profile url


A really easy tip on LinkedIn is to customise your public profile url.   This is the part I am talking about below. Now I have personalised mine already, this will help with people searching for me by name (a great SEO tip) and it will come up in search results.  If you don’t have …

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Feb 17

It’s all about commitment!


‘I do.’ Many companies dibble and dabble in social media. They do it ‘because they have to’, or because ‘they have to be seen to be doing something’ or ‘this social media thang my boss just told me to do it’. Amazing how many times that last one may crop up as the honest answer. …

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