What I do

This is the section where I explain to you what I am all about.  Not the ‘Who am I’ section, you have plenty of places to look for that, but this is the ‘what I can do for you’ section.  After all that’s what you really want right? Results?

I ‘do’ online marketing, I don’t just strategise, contemplate, debate and mull over it, I actually do it.  My experience has been hands on, I want something done, I write the plan and do it.

To be successful in this new world of marketing that includes all things social media, people have found it to be heavily time and labour intensive.  On top of the 20+ other hats your marketing team has going on, sometimes you need a fresh perspective.  If you want to know where the conversations are, who is involved, and how to interpret the social media data, I can offer an outsourcing and support service to assist your marketing goals and objectives.

Alternatively, maybe you have downsized but still require the odd bit of marketing support? A spring clean of your social media accounts? A revamp of your corporate website? A new batch of marketing collateral written, printed, pdf-ed and loaded onto your site? The tasks may be many, your hands may be tied, and I can probably help.

Lets get down to it.

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Maybe you have a plan, you want to launch something and need a little added boost to ensure your project gets off the ground? I can help to advise you on next steps, maybe you want to add value, maybe it all comes down to cost. You have x much, you have x time, and …

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Digital Marekting

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing encompasses a wide variety of things, from email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), display banner advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC), podcasts, mobile, webcasts, blogs, tumblrs, social media to name a few. Do you want positioning on Google or Yahoo? Or you have a site already, have dabbled in a bit of …

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Social Media Consultancy

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Eek another buzzword that involved you setting up a multitude of twitter accounts, whacking a logo on a facebook page and randomly posting a few link backs to your site, because you knew you needed to do it? Do you want to generate some noise, make your mark, be seen AND heard, time for a …

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Social Media Recruiting

Yep another ‘hip’ word, bandied about on twitter, even a few events where people are talking about this.  But want to actually do it?  Yep, you can get results, and really good ones. I know, I’ve been there done that and let’s design a plan, a bit of research and find out where your newest …

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Content Marketing

So you have a blog, it’s there, gathering dust, another empty site in a sea of websites. Or maybe you have a corporate website that screams ‘Save Me’, written by someone far too technical, maybe they thought your customers all use business-like jargon in their everyday life because that’s what makes people stop and want …

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