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Content Marketing

So you have a blog, it’s there, gathering dust, another empty site in a sea of websites. Or maybe you have a corporate website that screams ‘Save Me’, written by someone far too technical, maybe they thought your customers all use business-like jargon in their everyday life because that’s what makes people stop and want to read your website? Have you even read your website lately?

If you have a website that basically, needs a lifeline, it needs saving, you want your website to be human again? This is where I can help you find your voice, differentiate your brand, and generate content that makes people want to read your site. A site where customers want to find out more, and ultimately want to buy your product, services, or offering.

Content Marketing is king, this is where you can position your company as knowledgeable, as a thought leader, and as a company with answers.  Gone are the days of ‘in your face’ BUY ME NOW marketing, the tables have turned and consumers are more savvy, more picky and far more knowledgeable of the web and what they want.  And they want answers, problems solved, companies that listen, engage, communicate, and above all, don’t sound like a bunch of muppets.  Drop the corporate mumbo-jumbo of the 90′s and 00′s, time to blow out those cobwebs and start fresh, or you will get left behind.

If you thought you read far too many home truths on this one page, then please contact me, I can save you and your website, before you lose (insert missed opportunity here).