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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing encompasses a wide variety of things, from email marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), display banner advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC), podcasts, mobile, webcasts, blogs, tumblrs, social media to name a few.

Do you want positioning on Google or Yahoo? Or you have a site already, have dabbled in a bit of that Google Adwords, but didn’t know what to really do? Maybe you have a campaign coming up you want to drive traffic too, I can determine whether you need to start with account creation, or maybe just an audit and a ‘spring-clean’ of that old account to spruce things up a bit.

Maybe you have idea, and want some help to formulate your first campaign, get some structure to your ideas? ┬áSometimes its just a push in the right direction to get your campaign back on track, or possibly this is entirely new to you and you want some guidance on where to start? Consider me your Marketing GPS, that voice of wisdom that tells you where to go, and guides you through the spaghetti junction of road maps, otherwise referred to as the ‘Marketing Wilderness’.

Need a hand? Get in touch haylee(at)social-eyes.me