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Social Media Recruiting

Yep another ‘hip’ word, bandied about on twitter, even a few events where people are talking about this.  But want to actually do it?  Yep, you can get results, and really good ones. I know, I’ve been there done that and let’s design a plan, a bit of research and find out where your newest batch of recruits hangs out. Whether it’s Facebook, Linkedin, Google +,or Twitter, this is all about ‘dangling the carrot’, so they find you.

Now, I’m not a recruiter, far from it, I am a marketer, but in my experience at working ‘with’ recruiters, I can help you achieve results using targeted social media advertising.  I’m talking specifics here, location, hobbies, likes, and groups they have joined, right down to targeting an advertisement directed at people in the same role, in one of your competitors organisations for a role in your company. Yep, the specifics, and coming from a marketing angle, let’s cut through the HR jargon and reach the potential employee, remember you are in their turf now.

Delivery, I can work with you to define a brief and budget, and we can look at driving qualified leads directly to your landing page, Applicant Tracking System [ATS], or specific job page wherever this may be including Facebook, but I am happy to work with you on that. So if you have a campaign, that you are truly struggling to find qualified candidates, talk to me and we can trial a campaign, and you even get specific analytical reports on every step of the campaign.

Interested? Send me an email if you have any further questions haylee(at)social-eyes.me